Bexley Art Group                                                                                    


John Parris, an experienced oil painter, demonstrated his skill to our group in June. He decided to paint a nautical scene of ‘The Brent’ a river tug, resting on the mud banks at Malden, among several other small boats.  With more than half of the picture taken up with an atmospheric sky, showing evening clouds, just catching the last rays of the setting sun.  


He began with a canvas which had been primed with white acrylic paint with a little touch burnt sienna mixed in, to make it pale pink. Throughout the demonstration we could see how the pink primer lent a gentle rose glow to the evening sky.  He used water-mixable oil paints, finding them easier and cleaner to work with.


John emphasised how important it was to follow the line of the light source and showed how to highlight the surfaces catching the light, with lots of emphasis on light and shade.




John Parris - Demonstration in Oils

June 2014